Schwalb Produkte
Schwalb Produkte

Wheels, Castors and Conveyor Technique, supplied by the specialist

Welcome to Gerhard Schwalb GmbH. For more than 25 years we have been producing high quality wheels and castors, transport castors, conveyor technology and special rollers as well as heavy-duty castors.

In 2015 we were able to look back on a quarter of a century of Schalb history. When it all began, in the early nineties, as a sole proprietorship in pure trade, probably nobody suspected, that today, almost 30 years later, with around 12 employees and our own production facilities, we would be able to assert ourselves as a high-performance manufacturer and supplier in the wheels and castors industry.

Amongst other things, our own production development as well as our experience, individual designs and own production according to our customers' requirements, assisted by modernest CAD and CNC technology distinguish ourselves.

We wish to take the opportunity to thank all  of our loyal customers for the many years of excellent cooperation and promise, that we will provide our high professional competence in order to ensure, that "things are running round" at our customers' site.  Beside that we wamt to continue to be an important and appreciated supplier for all of our customers in future, particularly with regard to honesty and reliability.
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Here you can see some impressions of our production

  • automatic cutting
    automatic cutting
  • CNC turning
    CNC turning
  • wheels KGK, semi-finished
    wheels KGK, semi-finished
  • force fitting of ball bearings
    force fitting of ball bearings
  • wheels KGK, finished
    wheels KGK, finished
  • conventional turning
    conventional turning
  • drilling and milling
    drilling and milling
  • round welding
    round welding
  • special plates
    special plates
  • painting


We are home in Allendorf/Lumda, German state of Hessen, in the middle of the beautiful valley of the Lumda river, between Giessen and Marburg.

We have been taking care of your transport needs for about 30 years now. Our competent employees produce the wheels, castors and conveyor components for your individual applications on approx. 1000 square meters production plant.

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