Schwalb Produkte
Schwalb Produkte

Our Vision

In the product ranges "Wheels and Castors", "Conveyor Technique", and "Means of Transport" we want to be an important supplier for all customers in all branches. We are going to maintain and enlarge our good market position and give most possible profit to our customers and our employees.

Due to continuous improvement, individually and in team-work, we want to be among the best and competit with these.

Honesty and reliability are the top priority of all our business activities.

By steady development of our services and our product ranges we want to meet our customer's needs and increase their satisfaction.

We want to give interesting and challanging tasks to our employees and offer them the opportunity for individual advancement.

They are to enjoy both, a safe job and rejoice their daily work. In return we expect a high level of personal commitment and dedication.

As Christian entrepreneurs we get our daily strenght, motivation and vision from the trust in God, who is creator of this world. We confess our faith in this unique God.

Please put your trust in us and our company.

"Wheel" be glad to serve your needs.

Gerhard Schwalb GmbH
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