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Product liabilty

Dear customer,

in accordance with the manufacturer’s liability for his products (§ 4 ProdHaftG) defined in the "production liability law" the following information about wheels and castors have to be observed. The non-observance releases the manufacturer from his liability.

1. Information about product liability and proper usage

Wheels and castors according to this definition are, components which are generally exchangeable and are mounted to equipment, pieces of furniture, and transport systems or similar transportation products.

This information about the product liability refers to wheels and castors, especially to passively steering castors like swivel castors, for vehicles and equipment, mentioned below, that are not moving mechanically, which aren't normally moved faster than with walking speed and are not in continuous operation.

Wheels and castors as far as product liability is concerned can be divided up into the following categories:

living quarter - for e.g. furniture

• service area for e.g. trolleys, office machines

• hospital area for e.g. sick-beds

• industrial area for e.g. transport equipment for middle and heavy load-capacity

The professional assembly is an essential part of the indicated usage:

The product must be firmly mounted to the object at all points intended for it.

• The object must have sufficient strength in these places

• The function of the product may not be impaired or changed by the assembly.

• Swivel castors must be assembled in a way, that its swivel axles are in a vertical position.

• Pedestal castors must be assembled in a way, that its wheel axles are aligned.

• Only the same kind of swivel castors are to be used at any object.

• If pedestal castors are added as well, then only the castors recommended for this object by the manufacturer are to be assembled.

For rooms with a high humidity, direct exposure to the weather, close to the sea or for use in an aggressive, corrosion inducing environment special models have to be specified.Products used in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius and above 30 degrees Celsius have to be specified in special models. Under no circumstances may standard products be operated under these conditions according to their load capacity.Wheel, housing, locks and parts for the axle form a functional unit. Liability extends only to our original products.

When choosing castors all possible loads have to be known. Otherwise these have to be estimated with sufficient safety surcharges.

2. Improper usage

Improper use, meaning, the unintended use of wheels and castors, would be for example if:

the wheels and castors were used with a higher load than the max. load-capacity shown in the catalogue.

• the product was used on an unsuitable, uneven ground.

• the temperature was too high or too low.

• a device with locked castors was moved forcibly.

• particularly aggressive media were able to have an impact.

• exposed to improper rough impact and drop loads.

• foreign elements can penetrate the bandages/tires.

• the wheels and castors are used at a too high speed.

• changes are carried out which aren't checked with the manufacturer.

3. Product performance

Provided that the product performance isn't specifically indicated in our catalogues or leaflets etc., the requirements on our wheels and castors or their components must be agreed upon. Guidelines are the relevant DINs, ISO and CEN norms as well as the goods guideline RAL-RG607.

4. Product maintenance

Depending on the wheels and castors regular maintenance is a must and includes

lubricating the bearings.

• tightening lose connections.

Only cleaning agents which don't contain any corrosion inducing and harmful components may be used. Wheels and castors or their parts have to be replaced as soon as malfunctions appear.

5. Information and instruction duties

In compliance with the information- and instructions duties as well as the maintenance work according to the product liability law, our catalogues are available with information about the product and instructions.

To ensure proper functioning of our wheels and castors commerce has to observe this information about the product liability and follow the instructions on how to use the product, if necessary request it from the manufacturer and hand it to whoever is processing it next or customer.To ensure proper functioning of our wheels and castors processors have to observe this information about product liability and follow the instructions, and, if necessary, request it from the manufacturer or commerce and pass it on to the customer.