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Conveyor Technique: Carrying Rollers, Conveyor Rollers, Ball Transfer Units, Multi-Directional Rollers and more

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Conveyor Rollers (Conveyor Technique)

Conveyor Rolls

Conveyor Rolls

Conveyor Rolls

Steel and Plastic
Conveyor Rolls

Conveyor Technique: Experience our wide product range of Conveyor Components

We offer a wide product range for the sector "conveyor technique". Beside others, we can provide conveyor rollers, made from high-quality polyamide with an extruded deep groove ball bearing. The polyamide conveyor rollers are available with diameters from 30 mm up to 80 mm and a roller width of 11 mm up to 38 mm. The load capacity of the polyamide rollers is 60 kg upt ot 490 kg, depending on version. The conveyor rollers, made from polyurethane are also available with an extruded deep groove ball bearing. The rollers from our series "PLK" have a polyamide rim, which is non-detachably connected to the polyurethan tread. The rims of the Vulkollan® conveyor rollers are made from steel an have an impressed deep groove ball bearing. The coating of the running surface, made from high-quality Vulkollan® is inextricably connected to the rim.

Conveyor Wheels made from Steel or Plastic

The product range is completed by conveyor rollers, made from steel or plastic with a ball bearing. This grants a smooth running and therefore the rollers are very suitalbe for being mounted in roller conveyors or roller tracks. Some series are available as flange wheel version. Our conveyor wheels series "KRKS" are also available with a white hub and stainless steel ball bearings. The omniwheels from our product range are also made from high-quality plastic. Series "03/AWR" can be delivered also with an axle, that is completely zinced.

Ball Transfer Units

In the sector of "ball transfer units" ball rollers with sheet steel housings, recessed sheet steel housings or in a solid version can be found. The housings are, depending on the version, either zinced or made from stainless steel. You can choose between balls made either from steel, stainless steel or plastic. The ball rollers, made from solid steel material, distinguish themselves by a high load capacity of up to 1500 kg. If only a low installation height is given, the ball rollers with recessed housings and a flange mounting with 3 mounting holes are appropriate. The thread pins of the ball rollers series 22Z" are available in different lengths.

Carrying rollers made from Plastic or Steel

Carrying rollers are a fixed compontent in our range of conveyor technique. Carrying rollers are available as plastic or steel rollers. The plastic rollers "TKL" are made from impact-resistant PVC-hard DIN 7748 in blue colour (similar to RAL 5015). They have bearings with one ball race (also available with stainless steel balls). The axes are made from steel ST37 K. You can choosed between the versions "with spring axle", "with internal thread" or "external thread" as well as "with spanner flat". The plastic rollers "TKM" are also made from impact-restistant PVC-hard DIN 7748 in blue colour (similar to RAL 5015). They have bearing covers with deep groove ball bearings and labyrinth seal. The axes, made from steel ST 37 K are available in the following versions: spring axle, internal thread, external thread or with spanner flat. For the steel rollers "TSL" we use zinced steel tube. These rollers have zinced metal bearing covers with cone ball bearings. The axes are made from steel ST 37 K, possible versions: spring axle, internal thread, external thread or spanner flat. The rollers "TSM" are made from zinced steel tube, too. They have got plastic bearing covers with deep groove ball bearings and labyrith seals. Their axes are also made from steel ST 37 K and are available in the versions: spring axle, internal thread, external thread and spanner flat. The rollers "TSS" are similar but have metal bearing covers with deep groove ball bearings. The axle is mde from steel ST 37 K, available in teh axle versions "internal thread", "external thread" or "spanner flat".

New in our range are carrying rollers with soft PVC-hose. The soft PVC-hose in grey colour, with a shore hardness of approx. 63 Shore A and a wall thickness of 2 mm can be mounted on steel carrying rollers with ø 30 mm, 50 mm and 63,5 mm.

Roller Conveyores and more Conveyor Systems

Beside the different kinds of carrying rollers we also produce roller tracks with zinced U-profile frame. The roller tracks are available with plastic rollers or steel rollers (steel rollers also as heavy-duty version). The product range "conveyor technic" is completed by trestles, guide rollers, palett roller tracks and universial roller tracks.

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