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Schwalb Produkte

Flange Wheels

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Flange Wheels

Series SSPG
Drilled Steel C45
bore with key way
Ø 50 - 300 mm
500 - 5000 kg



Grey Cast Iron
Ø 75 - 250 mm
500 - 3000 kg

Steel C45 drilled
Ø 50 - 400 mm
500 - 9000 kg

Polyamide PA6
Ø 50 - 120 mm
100 - 380 kg

Polyamide PA6 G turned
Ø 75 - 300 mm
700 - 5000 kg

If you require Fixed Castors, Flange Wheels, Pulleys or Gate Rollers, decide for Schwalb Wheels and Castors

If you are looking for Fixed Castors and Flange Wheels, the Gerhard Schwalb company is the right partner for your demand. In the brochure you will find information about our fixed castors and flange wheels. Our product programme contains a wide range of pulleys in several versions and fixed castors. Learn more about flange wheels...

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