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Schwalb Produkte

Polyamide Wheels and Castors

Our staff will be pleased to give advise about our polyamide wheels and castors.

In a first step you may visit our technical guide. You will find very helpful information, e.g. a calculator for load capacities or a survey that might help to find the appropriate wheel material for the floor resp. underground at your site.
Furtheron you will find interesting information about:
- common selection criteria
- a form that might help to find the right product
- available wheel bearing versions
- different types of locking devices
- common roller arrangements
- chemical resistance of wheel materials


Do you have questions or do you need further information?

You can reach our team Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Polyamide Wheels

Series KLG, KLR
Ø 40 - 250 mm
70 - 1.000 kg

Series KSG, KSK
Ø 75 - 300 mm
300 - 2.000 kg

Series KGK
Ø 35 - 400 mm
240 - 12.000 kg

Sheet Steel Swivel and Fixed Castors with Polyamide Wheels

Series L+B/KLG
Series L+B/KLR
Ø 80 - 250 mm
150 - 500 kg

Series LM+BM/KLG
Series LM+BM/KLR
Ø 80 - 200 mm
150 - 550 kg

Series LR, LKR, LDR
small overall height
and high load capacity
Ø 35 - 60 mm
90 -200 kg

Double Castors
Ø 100 - 200 mm
1.000 kg



Welded swivel castors and fixed castors with polyamide wheels

Series LSO + BSO/KSK
350 - 2.000 kg

Double Castors
1.000 - 4.000 kg

Series LSO + BSO/KGK
1.800 - 6.000 kg

Double Castors
2.000 - 12.000 kg

If you require Polyamide Wheels and Custors, decide for Schwalb Castors

If you are looking for plastic rollers and wheels, the Gerhard Schwalb company is the right partner for your demands. In the brochure you will find information about our range of plastic wheels and special rollers made from polyamide. The wheels are also available  for heavy loads. Learn more about our plastic rollers and wheels ...