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Pneumatic Wheels and Castors, Thrust Bearings, Ball Races

Our staff will be pleased to give advise about our pneumatic wheels and castors, our thrust bearings and ball races.

In a first step you may visit our technical guide. You will find very helpful information, e.g. a calculator for load capacities or a survey that might help to find the appropriate wheel material for the floor resp. underground at your site.
Furtheron you will find interesting information about:
- common selection criteria
- a form that might help to find the right product
- available wheel bearing versions
- different types of locking devices
- common roller arrangements
- chemical resistance of wheel materials


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Pneumatic Wheels and Castors - Advantages and Fields of Application

Pneumatic wheels and castors with pneumatic wheels offer a good driving comfort on all kinds of floors. Due to the variable filling capacity the running characteristics can be adapted to the groundn no matter if the ground is a smooth-surfaced or rather tough industrial floor or a bumpy lawn. Furthermore, pneumatic wheels and castors provide a certain cushioning against impacts resp. bumps. The scope of application, in which pneumatic wheels and castors are used, reach from hobby and free-time application to agriculture and forstriy to industrial and logistic application.

Pneumatic Wheels and Castors - Product Versions

Our pneumatic wheels are available either with a sheet steel or a plastic rim. The sheet steel rim is either zinced, painted or powder-coated. These rims are availabe mainly with roller bearing although some types can be provided with deep groove ball bearings. The rims, made from plastic/polypropylene are delivered either with a plain bore, roller bearings or ball bearings.

The pneumatic wheels are equipped with a standard pneumatic tyre in 2PR. Some sizes can also be provided with a stronger tyre in 8PR. The tyres of many series are available both with rib tread and lug tread. The pneumatic wheels have load capacities from 60 kg to 450 kg.

As spare parts you may order also casings with rib or lug tread as well as fitting tubes.

Pneumatic Castors as Swivel Castors and Fixed Castors

Our pneumatic wheels can be assembled as swivel castors and fixed castors. The housings used are made from glossy galvanised sheet steel. The swivel castors have a swivel bearing with a double ball-cage assembly. Wheel axles and housings are screwed toghether. The swivel castors and fixed castors can be delivered with wheels that have either a plastic rim or a sheet steel rim (according to request). The castors have a load capacity up to 450 kg (depending on type).

Ball-Races: from light agricultural tumbril to truck trailers

Axial loads from 750 kg up to 14 tons can be handled with ball-races from Schwalb. Series "L" is designed for light agricultural tumbril or transport equipent with speed up to 30 km/h. The allowed axial load for these ball-races differs, depending on type, from 0.75 tons to 3 tons. For heavy agricultural tumbrils and light truck trailers with a speed of more than 30 km/h our series "N" is appropriated. This series is suitable for axial loads from 1.8 tons up to 4.5 tons. The flange rings of the profiles "L" and "N" are not bored, the flange rings of series "HE", which is suitanble for truck trailers and special vehicles, is partly bored. The allowed axial loads for series"HE" are 3 tons up to 14 tons.

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