Schwalb Produkte
Schwalb Produkte

Find the wheels, suitable for your floor

The given floor/ground is the, amongst others, the crucial factor for the selection of the suitable wheel material.

Following please find an overview if the most frequent floors/ground with the respective state and recomment wheels according to this.

Please call us, if you are uncertain, we are pleased to give you advise.

Asphalt, concrete, sceed, interlocking pavement

hard, smooth, even, no obstacles

Asphalt, concrete, screed, interlocking pavement

hard, uneven, with obstacles


hard, with gooves resp. gaps

Wooden parquet floor, linoleum, PVC flooring, carpet


Macadam, gravel, lawn

not clear to define

  • Pneumatic
  • Super-Elastic (Link not available at the moment)

Are you uncertain, which wheel will be the right one?

Please call us, we are pleased to give advise.