Schwalb Produkte
Schwalb Produkte

Wheels and Castors by Schwalb

To design and manufacuter wheels and castorsfor your requirements, this is the challenge we set ourselves. For you as our customer we want to be a competent partner who takes intensively care of your transportation requirements by supplying individual wheels and castors.

Wheels & Castors

Stainless Steel Castors

Wheels & Castors

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Wheels & Castors

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Wheels & Castors

Wheels & Castors

Wheels & Castors

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Wheels & Castors

Your Specialist for Wheels and Castors of all kinds

Years of experience, professional competence, steady improvements of our developments, the high motivation of our employees and last but not least the needs of our customers are reflected in our products.

Our range of wheels, castors and fixed castors includes i.a. apparatus castors, stainless steel castors, elastic wheels, spring-loaded castors, furniture castors, flanged wheels, pallet rollers, rope pulleys and transport equipment castors. In addtion to this large number of differend wheels and castors, we manufacture heavy-duty castors made of solid steel or polyamide, flanged wheels and elastic wheels for the heavy-duty sector. In large or small quantities, depending on your demand.

Due to the large scope of our product range, we cover many areas of application. Starting with the private sector (e.g. furniture castors, through crafts (e.g. pneumatic wheels) and industry (e.g. conveyor technology) to a manufacturer of space equipment (with heavy-duty castors). The different castors are mostly availabe as fixed castors, swivel castors and swivel castors with brakes.

No matter, if wheel or castors - Schwalb is the correct supplier

With Schwalb you have the right partner at your side. Customer service is our top priority. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We will be pleased to provide advice, what kind of wheel or castor is suitable for your application.

You are also welcome to have a look at our technical guide, which will give you further information about our product range. On the product pages the corresponding catalogue chapters are provided for down-loading.