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Heavy-Duty Castors, Heavy-Duty Wheels and Load Rollers according to your demands

In following chapters further information concerning heavy-duty castors and heavy-duty wheels can be found:

Elastic Wheels and Castors

Grey Cast Iron and Solid Steel Wheels and Castors

Pallet Rollers

Polyamide Wheels and Castors

Polyurethane/Vulkollan® Wheels and Castors

Special Rollers and Innovations

Flange Wheels and
Rope Rollers

Super-Elastic Wheels
and Super-Elastic Castors

Gate Rollers/
Double Flange Wheels

Triple Roller
Series TR
with verious wheels
Ø 42 - 100 mm
360 - 750 kg

Swivel Castors
with low installation height
high load capacity
Ø 35 - 100 mm
80 - 250 kg

Heavy-Duty Wheels and Heavy-Duty Castors only from Schwalb Rollers

If you are looking for load-rollers, heavy-duty wheels and heavy-duty castors, Schwalb Rollers are the correct address. We offer many different rollers, wheels and castors for all heavy-duty applications made from different materials!

What are heavy-duty castors?

Heavy-duty rollers are rollers which are suitable for the transport of heavy and very heavy loads due to their robust and stable construction. Despite their high-load capacity and special areas of application, our heavy-duty rollers do not compromise on starting and rolling resistance or manoeuvrability. In the often unusual applications, heavy-duty castors are exposed to special external influences which can affect the castors, such as ground conditions, temperature, humidity, contact with chemical substances, etc.

Because of the various requirements on the manoeuvrability of a transport device, different arrangement pattern of the castors are possible. In our technical guide we give an overview of the most common castor arrangements with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Where are heavy-duty rollers are used?

The application areas of heavy-duty rollers are manifold. From our long lasting experience and the direct contact to our customers, we know how varied and demanding the requirements are for heavy-duty rollers. For example, they are used in aerospace technology, in tunnel and mining, in vehicle and machine construction, in driverless transport systems, in large scaffolding and cranes or in industrial plants.

As an example, we refer to orders from several Luxembourg manufacturers of aerospace equipment. We were allowed to develop special transport rollers, which needed to have a load capacity of 20 tons per roller. Literally no order is too heavy for us.

Material and load capacity of our heavy-duty wheels and castors

Elastic Solid Rubber


  • elastic wheels up to 7000 kg
  • elastic castors up to 900 kg
  • elastic double rollers up to 2400 kg
  • spring-mounted elastic rollers up to 400 kg

Wheel center:
plastic, aluminium or pressed and welded steel, painted, with ball bearings.
Tread: elastic solid rubber, black or blue, insolubly vulcanised on the rim.


  • polyurethane wheels up to 5000 kg
  • polyurethane castors up to 3500 kg
  • polyurethand double rollers up to 6000 kg

Wheel center: grey cast iron (PGK) or welded steel (PSSK), with ball bearings.
Tread: polyurethane, firmly moulded on the center, elastic, low-noise and abrasion resistant.

Special grey cast iron

  • cast iron wheels up to 2400 kg
  • cast iron castors up to 2100 kg

Wheel: special grey cast iron, with deep groove ball bearing. Low rolling resistance and insensitive to metal chips.

Solid steel turned from C45

  • solid steel wheels up to 12000 kg
  • solid steel castors up to 6000 kg
  • all-steel flanged wheels up to 9000 kg, also available as fixed castors with robust welded stell construction

Wheel: steel C45 turned, with extremely high load capacity and very high abrasion resistance. Flat tread, lightly oiled surface, smooth running, very low rolling resistance, with 2 RS deep groove ball bearings.


  • polyamide wheels made from high-quality, injection-molded polyamide up to 2000 kg
  • polyamide wheels made from high-density, tough and hard cast polyamide PA 6 G up to 12000 kg
  • polyamide castors up to 6000 kg
  • polyamide double rollers up to 12000 kg
  • polyamide flange wheels up to 5000 kg, also availabe as fixed castors with robust welded steel construction.

Wheel: High-density. tough, hard cast polyamide in very heavy-duty design, turned from solid material, with deep groove ball bearings. The wheels have an extremely high load capacity, are very resistant against abrasion and impacts and have a very low rolling resistance.

Heavy-Duty Castors, available as Swivel Castor, Swivel Castor with Stop or Fixed Castor

All heavy-duty castors are produced either as fixed castors or as swivel castors and swivel castors with break (flange wheel castor only available as fixed castor). There are no restrictions in the load capacity of the swivel castors compared with the fixed rollers.

The housing of the swivel and fixed castors consists of a solid welded stell construction. The slewing ring is adjusted to the given requirements and fitted with a thrust ball bearing (DIN 711) or taper roller bearing (DIN 720) with grease nipple (series LSO+BSO or LDSO+BDSO).

The bearings are protected against dust and splash water to ensure reliable operation over many years. The slewing rings are provided with a bolt-on plate as standard. We would be pleased to develop a special solution for the mounting of the rollers, which meets your requirements and the intended use of the rollers.

Selection Criteria for Wheels and Castors

The following criteria should help you to choose the right wheel or castor. In case of doubt, often only a practical trial can help to decide.

  • starting and rolling resitance
  • load capacity
  • shock load
  • soil properties
  • environmental influences

A detailed description of the selection criteria can be found in our technical guide.

There is a general rule of thumb for calculating the required load-bearing capacity per castor for transportation equipment with four wheels or castors: you should always divide the total load by 3 three, because, e.g. uneven floors or unequal burden sharing may cause that not all four wheels or castors always carry the load equally. With our load capacity calculator you can detrmine the necessary load capacity per castor.

Individual and Innovative Heavy-Duty Cators

Your roller is not in this? We are pleased to develop and produce exactly those heavy-duty castors you need. Even in small quantities. We take on this task with enthusiasm and abmition. Benefit from our individual, expert advance and development as well as from a punctual delivery.

As an example, we refer to an order from a Luxembourg manufacturer of space equipment. We were allowed to develop special transport rollers, which needed to have a load capacity of 20 tons per roller. Literally no order is too heavy for us.

Large Assortment in addition to the Heavy-Duty Castors

In our brochures you will find information on our current products in the ranges of ball transfer units, polyamide wheels and castors, polyurethane wheels and castors as well as furniture rollers. Due to the use of various materials, you can choose between polyamide wheels, solid rubber wheels or polyurethane wheels. Accessories, such as expanding fittings, are also part of our product range.

You wish to learn more about our product variety? Take a look at the overview page for our wheels and castors.