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Schwalb Produkte

Heavy-Duty Castors, Heavy-Duty Wheels and Load Rollers according to your demands

In following chapters further information concerning Heavy-Duty Castors and Heavy-Duty Wheels can be found:

Elastic Wheels and Castors

Grey Cast Iron and Solid Steel Wheels and Castors

Pallet Rollers

Polyamide Wheels and Castors

Polyurethane/Vulkollan® Wheels and Castors

Special Rollers and Innovations

Flange Wheels and Rope Rollers

Heavy-Duty Wheels and Heavy-Duty Castors only from Schwalb Rollers

If you are looking for load-rollers, heavy-duty wheels and heavy-duty castors, Schwalb Rollers are the correct address. We offer many different rollers, wheels and castors for all heavy-duty applications made from different materials!

Material and Load Capacity of our Heavy-Duty Castors and Heavy-Duty Wheels

Elastic Solid Rubber

  • elastic wheels up to 7000 kg
  • elastic castors up to 900 kg
  • elastic double castors up to 2400 kg
  • spring-mounted castors up to400 kg


  • polyurethane Wheels up to 5000 kg
  • polyurethane castors up to 3500 kg
  • polyurethane double castors up to 6000 kg

Special Cast Iron

  • cast iron wheels up to 2400 kg
  • cast iron castors up to 2100 kg

Solid Steel, turned out of C45

  • solid steel wheels up to 12000 kg
  • solid steel castors up to 6000 kg
  • solid steel flange wheels up to 9000 kg, also available as fixed castor with robust all steel welded construction


  • plastic wheels made from high-quality, injected polyamide up to 200 kg
  • plastic wheels made from high-compressed, hard and tough cast polyamide PA 6 G up to 12000 kg
  • plastic castors up to 6000 kg
  • plastic double castors up to 12000 kg
  • plastic flange wheels up to 5000 kg, also availabe as fixed castor with robust all steel welded construction

Heavy-Duty Castors, available as Swivel Castor, Swivel Castor with Stop or Fixed Castor

All heavy-duty castors are produced either as fixed castors or as swivel castors and swivel castors with break (flange wheel castor only available as fixed castor). There is no difference in the load capacity of the swivel rollers compared with the fixed rollers. The rotating assembly is accordingly adjusted. The housing of the swivel and fixed castors is an all steel welded construction.

Individual and Innovative Heavy-Duty Cators

The appropriate castor for your application has not been described here? We are pleased to develop and produce the heavy-duty castor according to your very special demands. Also in small quantities. With enthusiasm and ambition we will attend to this task ourselves.  Benefit from our individual, competent advisory service and development as well as from a punctual delivery.

Exemplarily we wish to advise of an order, which we received from a Luxembourgian manufacturer of aerospace equpment. We could delvelop special heavy-duty castors, which had to carry a load of 20 tons per castor.

Large Assortment additionally to the Heavy-Duty Castors

In our brochures you will also find information about our products from the ranges ball transfer units, polyamide wheels and castors, polyurethane wheels and castors as well as furniture rollers. Due to various materials we use, you can choose between polyamide wheels, solid rubber wheels or polyurethane wheels. Accessories, such as expanding fittings, also belong to our product range.

You wish to learn more about our product variety? Please have a look on our overview of wheels and castors.