Schwalb Produkte
Schwalb Produkte

A Genuine Foot Protector

Most of the so called "foot protectors" on the market are made of solid steel and protect rather the wheel resp. the castor than the foot.

Now, we can provide a foot protection that deserves its name. Due to the elastic material the foot protector knuckels under contact with the foot and gives the user the necessary time to remove the foot before it becomes injured.

the new foot protector, offered by Schwalb



Convince yourself of our new foot protection.



A Genuine Heavy Duty Transporter

This Double Swivel Castor with its load capacity of 20 tons is a real heavy duty transporter and was developped and designed in close co-operation with our customer according to his special requirements and requests. The application is rather particular, because on the platform, carried by these castors, satellites are built. For more pictures and technical details please click here.

  the new spring technology, offered by Schwalb


Please note also our new spring technology...